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Retro Toaster

Blackhoney27 | 9.4.17

I love my Russell Hobbs Toaster. The Toasting Timer is great and let's me know when my toast is done and it does not burn and the point that it has a Removable Warming Rack is a plus. The color of the toaster is very beautiful never seen anything like it. I love my Russell Hobbs.


Love the look

Blue birder | 4.27.19

This kettle is perfect. Heats the water to the exact temp. required for various kinds of tea and it's much faster than our old kettle. It's delightful to see it on the counter each morning.


Great features

MAaritza | 5.14.19

I bought this about a month ago, and I’m so happy with my purchase, it definitely adds the perfect accent to my kitchen. And the coffee just taste better, it’s super easy to use.


Fun AND Retro!!!

ChristyD1973 | 6.13.17

I've been using this toaster for about a month. I'm a bagel lover, so I was so glad to see the frozen bagel setting for toasting so that I don't have to do 2 or more toasting cycles like I do when I used my old toaster. It's a nice sized and heavy enough that I don't feel like it's cheaply made. I really like the warming rack on top--it's perfect for hotdog buns for the grandkids! It is also good for warming breadsticks :) The toast slots are big enough that you can easily toast "Texas toast". Overall, I like this product and the retro feel it adds to the kitchen.



Manda | 8.14.17

This is a nice size, good looking, sleek toaster. Works great!!


Great product and old school customer service

Cee1 | 2.3.19

Remember when companies bent over backwards to provide outstanding customer service? I barely do, especially since it's been so long since I've experienced it. Well, this company delivers and I'm still stunned at the extent they went to - they hit a grand slam assisted me with my problem (a broken carafe - not their fault) with an outstanding resolution. As an aside, I can't say enough good things about our Russell Hobbs coffeemaker, it brews perfectly and keeps the coffee hot, which is quite a problem with most coffeemakers. I prefer percolated coffee for smoothness and flavor, but if/when I use a coffeemaker, this is the one.


LOVE this toaster!

soccerkidsmom | 10.15.17

I absolutely love this new Russell Hobbs retro style 2-slice toaster with warming rack. With its removable warming rack, you can keep your bread and rolls warm if so desired, and extra wide slots allow for thicker slices of bread to be toasted. A timer allows you to see how long it will be before your perfect, evenly-toasted bread will be ready to be enjoyed. It also has a handle that can be used to check on the readiness of your toast without causing the cycle to be interrupted. A removable crumb tray makes cleaning easy and you can toast any of your favorite breads, rolls, bagels, etc. even if they are frozen. With its 2 year warranty and stylish design in either black or red, this fabulous toaster will be a beautiful and functional addition to anyone's kitchen. Mine will be regularly used for many years to come.


Easy to use, convenient and sleek!

DeeDeeSal | 1.7.19

Not only does this kettle look amazing in your kitchen, it works fantastic! Super quick heat up and plenty of water for the family. I never knew I needed one and now the whole family uses it!


Nice retro style and great coffee!

Dawn | 6.19.18

We love this little coffee maker! The attached filter means less hassle and waste. The smaller size is great for our family and we love the retro style.


Beautiful vintage vibe!

Joyful | 2.5.19

I love this toaster. Crazy to be in love with a kitchen appliance but there you have it. Yes of course she does a splendid job of doing her job- perfect toast and bagels and that bun warmer! ::: sigh::: But the chassis on this baby! Fancy jewelry for my kitchen! Now I need to get the matching earrings..:cough:, I mean tea kettle and coffee brewer.


Vintage Sleek!

ThreeUnderThreeMomma | 5.13.17

I can't say enough good things about this Russell Hobbs Coffee Maker! Not only does it add style to my counter tops with its sleek vintage look, it brews great coffee in a matter of minutes! There is an included removable filter that also works great, so there is less waste. The dial on the front lets me know when my coffee is finished. I found nothing to dislike about this brewer. The stainless steel and chrome go great with my other appliances. The 8 cup carafe is the perfect size for my husband and I. I will recommend this Russell Hobbs - Retro Style Coffeemaker to all my friends.


Hot water fast from this sylish kettle

Issk | 12.14.18

I love being able to have hot water fast. Whether for hot tea, hot chocolate or a cup of soup. This kettle is modern and stylish, but also works fast.


So convenient!!

Katt | 4.19.17

I love this toaster!!! It's so much more convenient than a two slice toaster when you're feeding five people who want toast with everything! The timer on the front is easy to see so you know how long is left until your toast is going to pop out. The warmer on the top is great for people that are not good at getting everything done at the same time, like me. The look is just adorable and it goes with my kitchen so well.


Simple and easy to operate

BJKS | 9.3.17

The Russell Hobbs coffee maker is just what I was looking for. It is very easy to use, I am blind and programing is a nightmare for me. This was very easy, one switch just on and off. It makes an excellent cup of coffee I used Maxwell House coffee and it tasted like I got it at my local coffee shop. I highly recommend it.


Great design and functionality

Bill | 11.15.18

This electric kettle is not just a delight to eye on my countertop, but also useful. The design is simply wonderful. I especially love the functioning temperature dial. Perfect in every way. I highly recommend this product.


An Amazing Counterpiece

Grayse | 8.11.17

First this is an amazing conversation piece because it is so noticeable and stylist. However it has more than just an interesting look. It is so nice to have my bread toasted evenly on both sides. The toasting gauge on the side is a great feature since it tells you how long your toast will take and the button that allows you to see how much it is toasted without having to start over is a fantastic feature. The wide slots are standard for bagels and thicker sliced bread. The removable warming rack works well and it is much appreciated over microwave warming that leaves the bread rubbery or hard. Overall this is a great product and fits right in with my kitchen decor. The color was a deeper shade of red than pictured but it was the perfect shade for me.


An Amazing Coffee Maker!

Paige | 11.26.17

I'm a coffee fanatic. I love coffee and have it many times a day. I've owned many types of coffee machines in my life, and even though single cup machines are very convenient, I'll always be a fan of the multi cup machines. This one in particular puts even my favorite to the test. It has a very sturdy build as well as a very attractive look that really adds to the decor of my kitchen. It also brews a really clean cup of coffee! I highly recommend it!


I am in love with this toaster!!!

SmokyMtnGal | 7.14.17

I never thought I would ever be in love with a small appliance, but all I want to do is use this toaster. It is pretty, and probably the first toaster that I do not mind being on my counter. I love the warming rack, and my kids have used it for rolls and for pastries that cannot go in the toaster itself but would get gummy in the microwave. The timer showing how much longer we need to wait is wonderful as well, and it is used by my kids on a regular basis. I am picky about the brownness of my toast, so my favorite feature is the ability to check on the progress of the toast, without the toasting cycle having to start again. When I first saw the toaster, my first thought was that I wished temperature controls were on both sides, but after using the toaster, the ability to check on the toast without stopping the toast cycle helps with this problem, as it is easy to get each side to just the right "toastiness." I love this toaster so much I think it made my hubby a little jealous :) Great product.


Easy mornings

Mommyof4 | 8.23.17

The minute we used it the kids were amazed. We love how it can toast four pieces of bread in under two minutes and how it has a timer for bigger pieces, I love the rack that comes on top of the toaster, it holds the bread and keeps it warm until it's ready to serve. Wonderful product for big families, my kids eat breakfast in under 5 minutes.


Outstanding features

Thinkautsim | 10.6.17

I am so thrilled with this product, cooks 4 pieces of toast at the same time, you can see the timer go down as you wait, you can also cook frozen stuff that you push a button for frozen, the cooling rack is very handy, comes off to cool the toast or what ever comes out of the toaster, love the retro red style look matches my kitchen perfect.



Ginger | 11.3.18

I purchased this almost a month ago, and I have used it everyday. I love it! I had a different one before this and it does not compare to this at all. I love the style and the beautiful red color.


Pretty little toaster

Starlily | 3.6.19

We’ve been using our new white toaster for a few weeks now and we love it! It looks so pretty in our little kitchen. This morning I warmed a croissant 3 minutes on each side and it was so good.


Awesome coffee pot!

Starlily | 3.6.19

I received this product to test out and review. Opinions given are my own.
This coffee pot is awesome! My favorite feature is the little coffee dial on the front that tells you how long until the coffee is made and where it is in that process. I also really love that the filter is washable. This is a coffee pot I'd recommend to anyone!


Beautiful addition to my coffee bar

Nate1984s | 3.26.19

I bought the toaster, kettle, and coffee maker. I would absolutely buy these products again.


Gorgeous appliance!

Auntanna423 | 7.17.17

This toaster is not only beautiful, but well crafted and full of functions. The bright red toaster with chrome trim is made to last, none of that chrome-colored plastic, but metal. It is sleek and retro reminding you of cars from long ago. The count down clock is great- no guessing how many minutes remain. The frozen feature is neat, but I have not tried it yet. The ability to toast all sizes of bread as well as the removable rack to warm buns and rolls is great. If you want a fully functional, beautiful appliance for your kitchen- look no further