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Glass Accent Reviews


Perfect Toast

ACG5 | 3.10.19

Not only does it make great toast but it is so stylish and looks great on counter.


Love it!

ZENOBIYAJ | 6.4.19

I received this sometime ago, and I love it. I use it daily. It heats up water so quick, much quicker than using the stove. And it looks nice on my counters.


Great Coffeemaker!

CurrRes | 1.25.19

This is a really decent coffeemaker, it works like a charm and their customer service is excellent too. There aren't any frills about it, but it's what I prefer, since I just need my coffee made in the morning. It has a classy look as well, with the silver and glass; I have no problems leaving it on the counter.


Exactly what I wanted

Judi | 3.4.19

I have been looking for a long time for a toaster of this kind. It's long, not wide. I have a particular place where it has to fit and it fits nicely. It's also excellent in the way it toasts, quick and without getting hot.


Great toaster!

Islandsooz | 6.25.18

This toaster does exactly what a toaster should toasts both sides evenly and equally. It is easy to use, and is very attractive. This shape toaster is perfect, it seems to take up less space. I was so glad to find this specific toaster because of its shape, and very happy to once again have a Russell Hobbs. There is no other toaster that can compete with this one.


best coffeemaker ever

hna1 | 8.5.18

I love this coffee maker! I have used this to make pots of tea and coffee and it works fast and makes the perfect cup. It has such a sleek and classic look. I am so happy I got this unit and use it every day!


I Love This Thing

Anonymous | 3.15.19

I’ve only had stove top tea kettles up until now - and since I forced them to live where they worked, 80% of its surface area was covered in cooking grease and water spots with the remaining 20% occupied by the blackened “looks like it’s been on actual fire” base. Throw in the fact mineral deposits caked on the inside were treated like the son the kettle never had and therefore couldn't be removed no matter how hard you scrubbed, it’s a wonder it took me 34 years to upgrade. I personally don’t have the best luck when it comes to selecting and buying appliances, so you can imagine how stoked I was to nail my first electric kettle purchase. First, it boils water, stupid fast - letting you know it’s done with a gentle click sound vs the usual obnoxiously loud whistle that scares farts out of my dogs. Second, it features a cool blue light that comes in handy when I find myself too lazy to walk the additional 2 feet to the light switch. It has a short cord you're not forced to secure with a twist tie and wishes after a 34 level loop fold, and even looks cool enough for me to leave out on the counter without it even having to try too hard (full disclosure - the matching glass toaster I purchased previously was already shouldering that weight). So happy with my purchase. Would recommend to friends. And if I hadn’t JUST bought one of those cup coffee machines - I would def be considering snagging the matching gray glass coffee maker.


Great Coffee

Smeletes | 7.20.18

I have used the coffee maker for a few weeks now and it makes a wonderful cup of coffee! The whole machine itself is so easy to use, clean and just simply enjoy looking at on my counter.


A Functional 2 slice Toaster that Toasts Evenly

Rod69 | 5.4.18

We decided to purchase this toaster after reading the many dismal reviews for all the 2 slice toasters. Since almost all of the toasters are manufactured in China, we were very leery of them. We finally decided on the The Russell Hobbs( an original British Company) 2-Slice Stainless Steel Glass Accent Long Toaster, with silver accents. Bingo, a beautiful/functional/modern toaster that was not over engineered. This replaces a Cuisinart toaster that finally died after being a below average toaster like most reviews revealed. The toaster has push button controls that are simple and easy to use. This is a unique 2 slice toaster with the slots placed end-to-end. We consistently get even toasting whether we toast homemade wheat bread or buns. The warming rack is also very functional. Overall this is a great toaster that gives wonderful toast every time. We are very impressed with this toaster.



Chuck | 2.21.19

I bought this kettle for my wife. At times, she doesn't want to wait for drip coffee. So, for instant, her new kettle is really fast. She loves it. Now, we use it to get water up to temp quickly to blanch. Or, a quick way to getting to a boil for whatever cooking purposes. I don't know how to explain it, but we have many ways we use this fantastic looking, and productive kettle. Although perfect volume for most purposes, I'd like to have a larger version for bigger applications. So anyway, I'm rambling. My review is this: Nice looking, wonderful appliance. Perfect for our purposes and applications.


love this coffeemaker!

Clallen1971 | 6.12.18

I love this Russell Hobbs Stainless Steel 8 cup coffee maker! This super stylish coffee maker brews a complete pot of coffee in just a few minutes. On days that I need to go somewhere I use the program feature so that my coffee can be ready for me and I don't have to take the time out to make it. I can just enjoy the aroma and fresh flavor coffee quickly. Not only does this coffee maker make a great pot of coffee but it is easy to clean and it looks great in my kitchen! I have received a free Russell Hobbs - Stainless Steel 8-Cup Coffeemaker | Silver Glass Accent in order to use and provide an honest review of it.



Mike | 5.13.17

It works. All i use it for is to toast toast and it does it well. It has some extra features like being able to slide the toast up to see it, without shutting off the heating coils. I tossed the warming rack on top. Overall, it looks sleek and modern, which is what I like.


Excellent product

Peg0 | 2.8.19

Got a Russell Hobbs electric kettle a while ago. Liked it so much that I got one for a friend. Great operation. Pretty blue light when operating. Really fine quality kettle!


Sleek and Makes a Great Cup

Audrey | 5.30.18

This coffee maker has been a welcome addition to my kitchen counter space. It is so sleek looking and matches my other stainless steel appliances. It makes a great cup of coffee! I like the features it has and is easy to use. The coffee pitcher is made out of a nice heavy glass. Very high quality, very enjoyable to use!


Beautiful and Easy To Clean!

Laurajj | 1.5.19

I love the style and look of this kettle! It boils the water very quickly and it’s not loud at all. I LOVE the blue light that displays while the water is coming to a boil. Very pretty! The filter is very easy to remove and clean. It pours wonderful, no spilling or dripping. The safety features are my favorite! It will automatically turn off once the water comes to a boil, or if the kettle is empty! Very modern feel and look! Perfect for our kitchen!


Absolutely Beautiful Toaster

DarlaW | 5.10.17

So in love with this toaster. Beautiful to look at and the functions that will do different options. Bagel, frozen, + and - for adjusting the Browning level. The warming rack is an additional feature that I really like. Also the buttons on bottom of toaster light up a pretty blue. Toast the bread evenly on each side.


Great features!!!

RK13 | 5.21.18

This seems to be a great coffee maker. Sleek design. Very happy with the product.


This gem does much more than just tea water!

Kimbiecom | 12.14.18

I received this product to test and I am so glad I did. I use this probably more than any other small appliance except my coffee maker. I use it for more than making hot water for tea or cocoa. I use this to heat up water to make homemade bread, have a weed stuck in a crack that won't come out, yup pour boiling water on it, working on a stain and need hot water this is your pot! I love that unlike a traditional tea kettle it turns itself off in case I get side tracked, and it doesn't use as much electricity as a microwave to heat up water. It can heat up 1.7L of water at a time which is convenient for company but I usually heat less at a time. It is very easy to clean which is another huge advantage over a traditional tea kettle. All in all everyone who has seen me use mine expressed great interest in buying their own. I recommend Russell Hobbs brand for the quality of the products they offer.


So sleek and modern

Sharharary | 6.3.17

I love the look of this coffee machine. It’s sleek modern and looks so pretty in my kitchen. It’s also easy to use with only with 5 buttons. I had to read instructions though as to what each button was but basically one is to turn it one and the others are to set the time and timer. The carafe after brewing stays hot for an hour. I don’t have to use paper filters because I can use what’s already inside.


Very well made product

Ron and Teter | 7.20.18

We owned an old Russell Hobbs electric tea kettle that we had for years that finally quit working. After going through several other tea kettles that never lasted even a year, we did an internet search to remember the make of our old long lasting tea kettle she purchased in England. The rest is history, we love our new Russell Hobbs kettle and are convinced it’s the best tea kettle available!


Amazing and Fast Brewing Coffee maker.

Fellica | 6.7.17

Russel Hobbs coffee maker is 8 serving coffee maker, 40 percent faster in brewing, has a permanent filter included that is Gold tone filter, advanced showerhead technology, and dual heater system. The first impression was amazed at how sleek and professional this coffee maker is and everyone who saw this was amazed at how advanced it looks. I tried it first to clean it with the water drop symbol it has on the coffee maker; I was amazed at how fast the brewing is and there isn't much to wait on. The water was very hot and the carafe warming plate keeps it warm. This time I tried it to brew my coffee and it was very easy to press the coffee symbol and to brew it. I had no problem or difficulty in using this. Everything was very easy to use and even fixing the clock. The only problem is that I wish there was a measuring cup for the coffee pot because I didn't know how much I need to put in the tank. My coffee tasted great and was kept hot when I need more. I give this a 10/10.


Best gadget I didn't know I needed

Smb2005 | 6.3.18

This little kettle is so wonderful! No more waiting for what seems like hours for water to boil. Fill the kettle to your level of preference, set it on the plate, and flip the switch. It warms up so fast and makes the perfect cup of tea. It also looks so stylish on my countertop. Love it!


Amazing quality and beautiful craftsmanship

Larralu | 5.13.17

This is seriously the best coffee maker I’ve ever owned. Not only is it beautiful but it makes the best tasting coffee I’ve ever had. Normally the coffee I have is OK but this seriously gives me better coffee than a lot of the local coffee shops. I will definitely be purchasing this coffee maker for my mother for Christmas. She’s a coffee snob and this will be perfect for her.