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Beautiful and powerful appliance

MDFAMILY7 | 4.24.19

This food processor doesn't only work great, it also looks stylish and high-quality. I have used the chopping blade and the slicing/shredding disc with fantastic results. I still haven't used the dough tool, but plan to use it soon. I'm really pleased with how easy it is to use and how well it performs. Plus, it looks great on my kitchen counter.


Changed the way you think

Jmistry007 | 4.5.19

After years of cooking my steak the old fashioned way, I decided it was finally time to try something different. I was a little hesitant to jump into the new ways of kitchen tech, but I must say, after using the Kitchen Sous Vide, I am sold on this technique. It took only minutes to get my steak from the butcher paper into the water to start cooking. It was nice that I could just leave the steak be while I continued to prep my jalapeno cream corn and salad. I let it cook for a couple hours. Once everything else was ready, I moved the steak to the grill for a few minutes to get a nice sear on the outside. The steak was perfect. I like mine on the rare side so it was great to know that it was at the perfect temperature. Once it was done cooking I threw it in the handy storage bag that it came with and slid it into the drawer. Very happy with my purchase and can't wait to use it again!


Excellent Mixer

Kball | 7.1.19

Very happy with this mixer it is very durable and works very well. It has different speeds and is great for every day baking. I love the sleek design. This mixer is not super loud and it's very easy to use.


Best Hand Blender

JennG17 | 4.11.19

This is an awesome blender. Great quality & blends with ease. Very easy to use and lightweight. Mixes up my shakes in no time into a creamy smooth texture.



Castillo81 | 3.15.19

I started drinking protein shakes and could not find a blender to crush the ice smoothly until now. The 3 speeds make it easy for any type of blending desired. I like that it's a glass jar and it's not very heavy as some glass blenders are. This would make a great house warming party gift or wedding gift.


Really neat

Userwilber | 4.20.19

Wife and I bought these recently and really enjoy them. The built in lights are really nice and helps.


Works awesome!

Kellbell321 3.14.19

I received this a few weeks ago. I have used it to cook a couple of my main dishes. It cooks the food so even, locks all the juices in place, and in bag. Making the food you cook come out the best it could!


So convenient! Love the style too!

melissa015 | 9.4.18

I got these one touch salt and pepper grinders about a month ago and I love them! It's so nice to be able to use these with one hand when I am busy cooking and have my hands full! I didn't realize how convenient it is to have a one touch salt and pepper grinder or I would have ordered these long ago! I also love the style of these and that the grind system is ceramic and not plastic.


Awesome flavor

Smyers | 3.10.19

I love the fact that you don't need a bunch of seasoning. The flavor can be tasted all the way through your meat.



Rhonda | 9.15.18

I have been using these for a little over a week now, and I really like them! First, they are gorgeous! The finish is amazing. The motor is strong in them, doing exactly what they are meant to do. They are easy to fill and operate. The light is helpful when grilling or cooking at dusk/dark or anytime. I like that I can change the grind size to what I want. Did I mention that they are gorgeous??


Don't know how i lived without this!

ladyicon13 | 3.18.19

This blender is so versatile! I've made sauces (in the pot) and dips so easily! Great for refried beans and even making whipped cream! It chops and blends with ease. I highly recommend this! Easy to clean as well. I just dip it in the measuring cup that comes with it with water and a little dish soap and blend. IT cleans the blades with ease.


I love the retro look!!!

darren1970 | 3.20.19

I Love my blender. Very easy to use and easy to clean. Simple but powerful and effective. And it looks extremely cool on the counter top. This is a great blender set with all the accessories you'd want for a blender. There doesn't seem to be anything this blender can't handle. It blends the ice, frozen fruit, veggies, and greens very well. I know I will have this for at least 10yrs if not longer. Excellent quality.


Best Kitchen tool ever

Gma2eight | 3.15.19

I have never used a Sous Vide Precision Cooker so I was a bit intimidated at first. I have seen one used many times on cooking shows and always wanted one. I love to cook and I love to use the latest kitchen appliances. When I took the RUSSELL HOBBS Sous Vide Precision Cooker with Immersion Circulator out of the box my first thought was it was bigger than I expected. Not too big just bigger than I had imagined. The instruction book was very basic and I wasn’t comfortable that I had enough knowledge with just the info in the instruction manual. I watched a instruction videos on the basics of Sous Vide before I got started. It is much easier than I thought it would be. My first time using I made 2 Filet Mignon. I added some Olive Oil and fresh Thyme from the garden. I used a regular freezer bag, I didn’t need a extra appliance to seal the bag. My Filets took about 2 hours to get to a Medium Rare after which that time I seared them for 2 minutes on each side to get a color. They were the best we have ever ate. A bit time consuming but can be done while doing other things around the house, there is no need to babysit. We're excited to see what other meats we can cook. We are going to try fish tomorrow. I can’t wait.


Cool Hand Mixer

Julbugsmom | 3.11.19

I really like my Russell Hobbs Retro Style Hand Mixer. The soft touch handle makes mixing cakes and brownies very easy. I love how Russell Hobbs Retro Style Hand Mixer has 4 speeds and not just 3. The dough hooks work great and wicked easy to clean. I would recommend Russell Hobbs Retro Style Hand Mixer.


Amazed with the quality

Mhussain | 5.20.19

To be very honest, i hadn't heard about the Russell hobbs brand until i tried this food processor. I was excited to use this food processor because of the first time using this brand and i am blown away with the quality it has. The retro style it has is unique , and the quality of the product speak for themselves. I played around with this food processor alot of times before writing this review and would like to say that this is the best i have ever own. Chops and process my food within a minute , it has powerful motor with sturdy plastic large cup that locks securely so you dont have to worry about any disasters that are expected with low quality food processors. The three setting power allows you to chop , slice and grate however you want. The blades are pretty sharp and the suction cups on the bottom of the machine are too good , that you have to be careful where you place the machine, otherwise it takes a little effort to relocate the motor. This definitely is a new addition to my cooking collection.


A must buy!!

Barbara msbttchin | 9.7.18

If you spend any time at all in the kitchen you will want a set of these salt and pepper dispensers.. The are super sleepy and stylish.. They are black and the center where salt and pepper goes is clear so you can see how much you still have. They take 4 AA batteries each.. All you do is press the button on top and the salt and pepper dispenses either fine or course get to choose.. Great for some fresh cracked salt and pepper.. I got mine free from Spectrum but you can get yours where Shakers are sold.


Great product

MDfamily7 | 3.1.19

This a great and very convenient product! A while ago, while planning what to make for a party of six, I decided to use the Sous Vide Precision Cooker with Immersion Circulator. I made a bunch of medium rare steaks in less than 3 hours. They turned out perfect! They were evenly cooked, juicy and tender. I did finish them on the skillet though. Since then, I've also cooked salmon and chicken breast with the same great results. I love the fact that I can just leave some food cooking and forget about it, making it great and convenient for dinner with friends. It's very easy and intuitive to operate.


Fantastic Features

Ksb38020 | 9.5.18

We got the Russel Hobbs electric Salt And Pepper Mills because we love the freshness that comes with grinding your own seasonings. The ceramic grinding system automatically dispenses salt, pepper, dried herbs, spices, and other seasonings. It’s easy to adjust the coarseness level, and the built-in light lets you see how much seasoning is dispensed. Each mill is easy to refill, and runs on four AA batteries which are not included. These are high quality look stunning and make entertaining fun and elegant. I highly recommend these to anyone who enjoys fresh spices.


Awesome power

satchie | 3.8.19

I got this about 2 weeks ago to use and review, i haven't stopped using it. I love how it works on gravy, soups and sauces. I even used it for my family's favorite mashed rutabaga! Works great and very easy clean up and storage, it doesn't take up too much room so I can store it in a handy place. Highly recommend this handy kitchen tool. It should be a staple in anyone's kitchen.


Perfectly cooked food each time!

Msescalera87 | 2.25.19

Russell Hobbs Sous Vide Precision Cooker with Immersion Circulator is a pretty awesome small appliance to add to your kitchen. I have been using this for about 2 weeks now. I am beyond impressed with its cooked to perfection temperature and dinners each time. It is easy to use and set up. As simple as clamp on to your tall pot and set the temperature. I have cooked eggs, salmon, and steak with this over my two weeks. Each cooked perfectly each time. I will say it was one of the juiciest steak I have had in a long time. I set the temperature to the right setting for my required dinners and set a timer and walked away. That simple! When my timer went off I seared the outside in a hot pan and then let it rest for a few before serving. I would recommend this to anyone wanting restaurant quality food in the comforts of their own home. Just be prepared that is does take time. For my 1 inch steak it took approx. 1 hour and 15 mins. So I would not recommend using it if time is an issue as it is based on slow cooking to perfection. It is super easy to clean so that is always a two thumbs up in my book! I did receive this item in return for my honest review.


Beautiful hand mixer with great features!

JHutch | 3.8.19

I absolutely love this hand mixer! Not only is it stylish, it has many different features. It has dough hooks, a whisk, and then your regular beaters you can use. I love that I don’t have to break out the huge stand mixer to make things like bread. I highly recommend this product. I’m looking forward to seeing other products in this beautiful retro inspired line.


Very sleek and stylish design

Becca83 | 8.20.18

My husband cooks a lot in out family, so I was excited for him to try these! The automatic feature is amazing it’s grinds effortlessly. To our surprise has a light at the end so you can clearly see how much salt, pepper or seasoning of your choice is going on your food! side not the light cane in very handy when we lost power over the weekend! It was the closest thing handy! That’s how well the light works! My only somewhat compliant or issue is, it requires 4 double a batteries each, that are not included! I have been using it about a week now and it’s still going fine with the original batteries I installed, so hopefully they last awhile!


A charming addition to my counter space

Tiffany | 4.2.19

Finally, an appliance made with quality and attention to detail. This blender works flawlessly and makes short work of fruit, vegetables, ice, and grains. The RPM gauge is a functional throwback to Midcentury/Atompunk design, and I am living for it. It's truly timeless, looks phenomenal, and I'm so pleased to have a useful kitchen tool that is designed to be appreciated out in the open instead of sitting in a cupboard. Black goes with everything.


Great feautres, pretty counter top appliance

MrsKrystle | 3.15.19

This is the 1st food processor I’ve ever owned and i will say it’s been life changing for my family at dinner time. I have two young super picky kids who refuse to eat a dish bc of a vegetable they dislike. Thanks to my new food processor I am able to chop/mince veggies (such as onion) that my kids hate. Now we ALL enjoy my tasty dishes with ALL the ingredients that make them delicious. Also love the sleek retro style of this applicance. Would definitely recommend. I received this in exchange for an honest review.


Awesome Precision Cooker

mchick80 | 3.15.19

I absolutely love cooking with this cooker. We made steaks tips and they turned out great. The device is easy to use and the instructions are very helpful. Right now we are using ziploc bags and filling the meat with seasoning and putting it in the pot with the cooker once the temp is reached. You can choose your temperature needed and it has a timer built in.


Love the look

David | 7.20.18

The salt and pepper shaker have a nice look to them. When I opened the box I noticed that they each came with a bottom lid to help catch the crumbs. After putting the batteries in, 4AA in each, they worked well. I like the fact that each has a decent amount of adjustment in the coarseness or fineness of the salt and the pepper. The holding area isn't huge, but more than enough to hold up for my family for a while. The light, while not amazingly bright is enough to help see where it's going.


Cooks great!

Stevelove | 2.23.19

This product is very easy to use and you can cook so many things. I have cooked steak, eggs, chicken and more and they have come out perfect. This cooks things more evenly inside and out. The instructions were simple to follow and because it’s not a big appliance storage is easier.


Very effective way of cooking!

Debz | 3.16.19

I have wanted to try the method of Sous Vide cooking for a while. I know that many restaurants use this type of cooking method and it has been gaining a lot of popularity with home cooks. I was excited when I got the Russell Hobbs Sous Vide Precision Cooker with Immersion Circulator. I have used for chicken, steak, pork chops, and vegetables so far. It is very simple to use. I just set the time and temperature and level of doneness I prefer and the Sous Vide cooker did the work! The digital control panel makes it super easy. Water circulates around my sealed bag of food and seals in freshness, moisture, and flavor. This Sous Vide cooker really is an effective way of cooking. My own drawback is that I am used to interacting with my food (smelling, turning it over, etc.) and you cannot do this with a Sous Vide cooker but if you like just letting an appliance do all the work, this is perfect!


Class Act!

Sukimoggy | 3.21.19

This is one of the best kitchen appliances I have ever owned. In fact, I do not know how I ever managed without it. Prior to obtaining my Russell Hobbs food processor, I had no experience with this type of appliance at all. However, I am very familiar with the British Russell Hobbs brand having lived in England for the first 42 years of my life, and so I knew I had a quality product on my hands.
After the cleaning and drying of necessary parts and digesting the information in the easy-to-understand instruction booklet, I proceeded to try out the appliance. Bearing in mind that I had never used a food processor before, assembling the parts and deciding which blade to use was relatively simple. You do have to make sure that the work bowl and the lid are clicked correctly in place, otherwise the machine will not operate. I incorrectly secured the lid in the first instance, but quickly learned what I was doing wrong. I was then able to grate cheese and carrots, and slice cucumber at breakneck speeds. Very impressive!


Awesome product!!

dadof6girls | 3.6.19

The Retro Style 6-Cup Blender | Black is one awesome blender and I absolutely love this! It's very stylish and works great! You can blend anything in this! This has to be my favorite appliance in my matches the rest of my appliances which is a must! You can also choose the speed that best fits you. It blends very fast and works great on beverages as well! I'm amazed at this product and I highly recommend this to anyone looking for style and perfection! I have attached some photos of my homemade cheese dip!


Works Great!!

Anonymous | 2.1.19

I’m a cooking fanatic, I love trying out new kitchen tools. I got the Sous Vide by Russell Hobbs, it’s a heavy kitchen tool that you attach to the side of a stock pot. You put water inside and cook your food, comes in handy around my house. We love trying new recipes, very easy to use. Comes with instructions on how to use the sous vide, which is in two languages. The top is digital, you can set how much time you need to cook your food. Absolutely love cooking with this on a weekly base, my food always turn out great!! The degrees goes up to 194 degrees, it’s got a programmable timer.


Works well

texsmom89 | 3.24.19

This hand mixer is a powerhouse. I have used it for mixing cake batter, pancake mix and even for mixing my omelette ingredients. It stays steady in power, doesn't die down or lessen. The beaters are easy to clean. The cord is of adqeuate length. Very easy to store , doesn't take up very much space. Love the overall black color and retro look! It has definitely been a handy helper in my kitchen and I find myself finding recipes just so I can use it even more.


Great hand blender

hanksmom66 | 3.23.19

The Russell Hobbs hand blender is great for making smoothies, shakes, or mixing other items. This hand blender has two speeds. I prefer to use the high-speed when making smoothies or shakes. The handle on this hand blender is ergonomic and it has a rubberized handle forfeiting in my hand with a good feeling. I like that the wand part of this blender does not have suction, has an anti-suction blade on it for smooth blending. I like the beaker that comes with this hand blender it makes it easy to measure and I use it sometimes to blend for my smoothies.


Makes great food!

K0612 | 2.20.19

I am just amazed at how easy the Russell Hobbs Sous vide is to use and how tender and delicious food turns out. It comes with a very helpful and detailed manual that really helped me understand how to use a Sous vide. All you do is add the correct amount of water to a large pot, seal your meat either using a food sealer or the water immersion method as stated in the manual, clamp the Sous vide on the pot and then set the time/temperature on the Sous vide. The manual comes with a very handy cooking chart to know what to safely cook your food at. So far everything that I’ve cooked in this has turned out so good!