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Very happy with this lovely toaster

Texas Sandra Dee | 6.24.19

This is like the Cadillac of toasters! Shiny and beautifully designed. It is a 2 slot toaster. Wide enough to accommodate bagels, for which there is a setting. There is also a setting for frozen goods like eggos or pancakes. And 1 release button that stops the toasting process immediately popping up your goods. The stainless steel lever/knob is hefty and moves up and down smooth, with no catches. There is also a cord hide-a-way underneath the unit that stores the cord out of sight. The most unique part of this toaster is the small stainless steel little rack used to keep your toast warm whilst making more. It really works! The rack heats up from the heat of the toaster elements. There are 2 solid plastic handles on the rack that stay cool so you can move it without burning your fingers. After unpacking toaster, I turned up element to 6 (highest setting) and let it cycle thru 4 or 5 "toasts" with no product in it to let it burn out any chemical smell. The above pic is toast that was set to a '4'. It took 2 minutes 45 seconds to achieve this level of yumminess.


Goodbye K Cups

Kimber Rosee | 6.20.19

My household has been going through kcups like nobody's business and while it seemed like a good idea for a fresh cup of coffee in a minute it just became impractical and very wasteful compared to a conventional coffee maker. Plus I don't know a single coffee lover who is content with their caffeine intake at 10 oz of coffee in the morning. On the weekends when we don't need as much coffee we'd brew our 4 cup coffee maker but after two people had coffee there was nothing left, which meant if you slept in on the weekend (as most people do) you'd have to stumble around with groggy eyes making another pot which is no fun. If I'm going anywhere with human contact in the morning I like a nice full travel mug and so does everyone else in my family and at 2 kcups a person we'd finish a 24 pack of kcups in about 2 days and then the box is almost empty, now add 5 more days of that to explain why I needed a cost effective solution. The blessing that is the Russell Hobbs TIMER READY 8 cup coffee maker was so heavily praised by my family members we boxed up the 4 cup coffee maker and our keurig so we could enjoy this coffee maker fully.


Very solid feel, no dripping, upper scale appearance.

P. Stein | 7.18.19

Very nice kettle for the price. I had not heard of this brand. I researched the brand and learned this is an older English company, established in the 1950s. They make a number of interesting small appliances Their designs are traditional looking, but with a definite class to them.
As pour over coffee drinkers, and tea drinkers we use an electric kettle about 6 times a day.
This is a very solid kettle, that doesn’t drip when pouring the hot water. The top is fully removable, with a tight fit. There is a see through glass slit, with 1/2 liter measurement, that allow you to be precise in filling it. It is heavy if filled to the top.
This model also has a washable filter at the pouring. This model has a design of glossy rings around it. The rings give it an elegant look. The description states stainless steel, but to me the outside appears plastic, and the inside appears to be some type of plastic coating. Only the very inside bottom of the kettle have a visible stainless steel look. About 20 rings in all. The rings give character to it and distinguish it from the many plain kettle exteriors. It also has a nicer looking starter switch, than most, with a blue light.
Inside, near the bottom, it has 3 separate Red makers, each identifies a cup marking. One, two, or three cups


The world's best looking toaster

The Movie Man | 6.11.18

We’ve had the same toaster for several years and it has worked fine, but we were attracted by the look and description of this Russell Hobbs Coventry toaster, We never heard of the brand, but took a chance, based on the description and its features.
The toaster is sturdy and easy to operate. It has four wide openings, so that toasting bagels is not a problem. Two warming racks fit into slots on the side of the toaster and have plastic handles to prevent hands from getting burned on hot metal. These racks are great for warming without turning toast of rolls soggy, as a microwave heating would do.
The instruction booklet is easy to understand. When toasting only one or two slices, you must use the openings on the left. The unit will not work if you try to toast only using the right hand openings. If you toast three or more slices, both sides will operate. The toaster has only one light-dark knob, so all toast must be toasted to the same level. There are no separate knobs to control left and right hand slots.
The Look-and-Like feature is handy. You can check on the progress of toasting without interrupting the cycle. The toaster is expensive, but it is warranteed for 2 years, which indicates the manufacturer has confidence in its continued peak performance.


Everything one could want in a toaster. Great price! Looks really cool!

andiesenji | 7.3.19

Wonderful toaster! Toasts evenly edge to edge on both sides. Has a "lift and view" function where one can look at the toast to see how it is progressing without having to cancel the cycle.And - when done, the "LIFT" function lifts the toast higher so it is easy to grasp. The functions all work well and the warming rack for odd-shaped items (croissants, hamburger or hot dog buns) that won't fit into the toaster, is extremely handy. The toaster toasts bread more rapidly than other toasters. It toasts frozen bread slices efficiently and evenly. It is nicely styled and looks really cool. Russell Hobbs has always produced quality appliances that last.


Boils water with amazing speed and the auto shut off is a great feature!

Alison | 9.15.18

I’m definitely not proficient in the use of teakettles, but I’ll do my best to write my review from the viewpoint of a novice. I am thoroughly impressed with this kettle. For starters, it has a nice, sleek look. Maybe I’ve just seen too many horror movies, but the old school teapots that whistle kind of creep me out. And they seem too fragile. The “on” switch is easy to access in front. The blue light tells you it’s on, then you can immediately hear it heat up and start to boil. I was really impressed with the speed at which it boiled water. It certainly beats heating a mug of water in the microwave to make tea! I also use the hot water to heat up baby bottles and to make French press coffee. I’m sure there are dozens of other uses that you can find. And the automatic shut off is a huge plus. I’m terrible at remembering to turn off appliances. Even if you remove it right away, the water will stay hot long enough to use for whatever you need it for. It’s very easy to clean. I prefer to hand wash most things, except dishes and drinking glasses, etc., so I have not washed the kettle in the dishwasher. The volume markings can be a little difficult to read in the dark, but that’s about the only negative thing I can say about it (if you can call it that).


Easy programming & awesome retro look

Smartly Created LLC | 6.29.19

My husband is from England, so I'm very familiar with Russell Hobbs quality and reliability. The company has only recently started selling its appliances in the US, and I'm so happy about that! This coffee maker looks great and is super easy to program, so you can wake up to fresh coffee! I love the reusable filter, no waste. We just dump the grounds into the compost. High quality, reliable coffee maker.


The world's best looking toaster

Jim Tenuto | 6.27.18

My wife HATES having anything on the kitchen counters. Yes, the Keurig does sit there, but anything else, toaster, blender, etc. is stored away from prying or any other eyes. She took one look at this toaster and said that it was the best looking toaster she had ever seen and that, if she were ever to relent, the Russell Hobbs Coventry 4-Slice Toaster would be the culprit.
Incredible design, strong function. You can toast a seriously fat bagel along with any kind of toast, maybe even Texas toast. There is a warming rack that will keep your scones warm while you're trying to figure out what clotted cream is. (This is a baffling function as our friends in the UK normally serve toast in racks and that toast has only a faint memory of being in the toaster and is devoid of even a shred of warmth. Think roof shingles.)The only nit for picking is that the control for how light or dark you would like your toast works for both sides. Yes, you can toast a single slice, or use one side for two slices. Time to retire the Cuisinart, which served us well and, in its day, was a good-looking machine.


The extra features are nice, as are the toaster's good looks

It's Just Me | 6.18.19

I’m usually not one who seeks out fancy extra features, but I do like the bagel setting on this toaster. The “lift & look” feature is also very handy. Sure, the toaster is more expensive than some, but, overall, it’s not a big purchase. Russell Hobbs has a good reputation, though I would note that although Russell Hobbs is a UK company, the toaster I received was made in China.
It would also note that this is the only toaster I’ve ever owned which has people commenting on how attractive it is.


Boiling water in minutes!!!

AmazingGrace | 7.27.19

Fantastic!!!! Boils up to 7 1/2 cups (57.48 ounces) of water in about 4-5 minutes. If you are wanting only a few cups of water, it only takes about 2 minutes! It has a lighted on/off switch that automatically cuts off when the water comes to a boil. Perfect for hot tea, coffee, hot chocolate or any other hot beverage and for making oatmeal or grits. It’s very slick looking and you can easily remove the kettle from the heating base. Upon removing the kettle from the base, the bottom of the kettle and the heating base is not at all hot and you can sit the kettle on the counter (just don’t touch the center part that connects to the heating element). Great item!


LOVE LOVE LOVE! Compact 8 cup size, simple to use, gorgeous and it makes excellent coffee Wn!

Paula G. Cannon | 7.10.19

I’ve been using this daily for over a month now and I absolutely love this coffee pot. It replaces my giant Kitchen Aid 10cup with the water boiler on the side. It took up so much space and we never used the boil side because it was impossible to clean and always moldy. This pot is an 8 cup pot which is much much better for jst the two of us. It takes up very little space unlike the behemoth Kitchen Aid and it’s so simple and easy to use. I don’t feel like I’m sitting in front of the control panel of a fighter jet when I go to use it. Even if you’re half a sleep, you can’t easily navigate this pot. So basic, fill with water and yes, it has a side fill window, some don’t, it’s a must have feature to me. It even has a coffee scoop neatly recessed into the side so no more searching for the scoop. Add coffee, press the grounds down, turn it on with one button not 15, LOVE this pot! It’s also a gorgeous looking pot, very modern which was perfect in my new mid century inspired orange kitchen. Oh yeah, the coffee comes out perfect every time. I would recommend this for sure, it’s simple to use, doesn’t leak, easy to fill, beautiful on the counter, compact 8 cup in size and most importantly, it makes excellent coffee. If that fits your needs, you will love this as much as I do!


Attractive design, great for bigger families, but huge!

Kate B. | 6.23.19

I really like this toaster. We had a cheap small 2 slot toaster that was dying and we needed to replace. I love the look of this new toaster, it is so pretty! It is HUGE though, although I am not sure what I was expecting for a 4 slotted toaster. I have 3 kids and we use our toaster daily for mostly frozen waffles. This new toaster I like I can do all 3 at the same time. It did a good job heating evenly and all the way thru with no complaints from my very picky toddlers... WIN! The warming trays are 2 individual pieces that attach into the slots and warm up as you use it. My husband used to put his toast with cheese on our old toaster over the warm slots to melt it and it would only really work at the slot openings. He loves the trays and it works well! There is the weird new appliance melting plastic smell the first few uses but that went away quickly. Other than having to make alot of space for this beast we are so happy with our upgrade!


Yes, better toaster do make better toast.

NINA | 6.2.19

This toaster is a bit intimidating when you take it out of the box. The warming rack attachment, is just that; no extra cords. The bells and whistles are there the way buttons are added to a microwave. If you just want to use it as a toaster, that is what you can do. You just adjust the setting knob for 'doneness,' and pull down the lever. I think that it must get a little hotter than my old toaster, because the toast (I am an English Muffin person.) comes out lighter with a crunchier outer layer. I never thought I would say this, but a more expensive toaster does make better toast. Worth it.


VERY nice kettle!

Summit | 7.20.19

Finally, a large kettle that works well. The quick boil feature is great and the appearance is classy. Most kettles are made to be cheap and simple, but this one was made to perform well and look good while doing it. The filter and strainer built in is a nice touch one doesn't often see in an electric kettle. This winter, it will get a workout for sure!


Nice and compact

Colliemom 3 | 6.27.19

We just got this set up and made the first pot of coffee so this is an early review. But judging by the coffee it made and the ease of use, and it’s compact size, this is a really nice little coffee maker. My husband likes the timer feature, as he gets up at some ungodly early hours when his work is busy, and isn’t up for having to make coffee. With this, he gets up to the smell of fresh, brewing coffee. He had been using a Keurig, which gets expensive, and in order to fill a cup to drink, a to-go coffee mug, and a small thermos, he has to end up using 4 pods. As I said expensive. And takes that extra time. But our huge 12+ cup old pot ate up too much counter space which is why we got rid of it. This is a good little pot, 8 cup so not tiny, but compact. It’s longevity and sturdiness remains to be seen, but it seems a quality, solidly made appliance.



TINA | 6.27.19

This is the fanciest toaster I have ever had. It's extremely chic and very functional, and very stupidly easy to use. The toaster toasts whatever you want, from small pieces of toast to bagels, and does it well with the simple lowering of the knobs. The warming rack fits on either slot securely and the toaster gets super hot, hot enough to warm whatever you'd like on the top without burning your cabinets down. Great machine, feels incredibly sturdy and is very powerful, not to mention a great decoration piece on your kitchen counter.



Samantha M. | 7.23.19

This electric tea kettle is the perfect addition for my kitchen! I have stainless steel appliances and this just fits in perfectly. It heated up quickly with no issues. Piping hot for the perfect cup of tea or french press coffee.


Best coffee I've ever made at home

Eric | 7.14.19

I am not a serious coffee drinker but I like to be able to fix myself a cup or two without much trouble. This little coffeemaker works for me. It takes up very little room on the kitchen counter, is easy to fill. It doesn't come with a filter and you will need to get the Cone #4 coffee filters. It Makes a nice cup of coffee especially when put it on the bold setting. And the most important thing: The taste of the coffee. This unit touts an "even spray" brew nozzle that evenly covers the grounds during the brew cycle. Maybe it's psychological but this coffee maker brews some of the best tasting coffee I've ever made at home.